EventScripts Mobile

EventScripts Mobile is a free companion application to EventScripts. First enable the server in EventScripts, then choose which scripts to make available to EventScripts Mobile. Once that's done - you can trigger scripts on your Mac from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad using EventScripts Mobile.


Using EventScripts Mobile

When EventScripts Mobile launches on your iOS device, you'll be presented with a list of all available servers on your Bonjour network.

EventScripts Mobile only works over Bonjour, and so is not suitable for triggering scripts on Macs not on your Bonjour network.


Setting up EventScripts

To enable the server, go to the server pane of the preferences on your Mac and check the option.
You may also chose to password protect your server here. EventScripts and EventScript Mobile will both store the password in the keychain once entered.

To make scripts available to EventScripts Mobile, simply assign them to the "EventScripts Mobile" event, and make sure the "Active" box is checked.


Choosing a server

As EventScripts Mobile uses Bonjour to find servers, there is no set up required on your iPhone or iPad, simply launch the app and you'll see all available servers.

Select the server whose scripts you wish to see, and you'll be presented with a list or grid (configurable in the EventScripts Mobile preferences) of available scripts.

If you chose to password protect the server, you'll be prompted for the password when you attempt to connect. Once entered, the password is stored in the keychain on your iOS device, so you won't need to keep entering it.


Triggering a script

If you have configured tags in EventScripts, your scripts will be organised by tag on your iOS device

To execute as script, simply tap it in the view, and it will be executed by EventScripts on the selected Mac.

EventScripts Mobile will show all the active scripts that have been assigned to the EventScripts Mobile event in EventScripts on your Mac.


Custom Icons & Examples

EventScripts Mobile shows the same icon as the Finder does for each script. So if you want to customise the display of your scripts, simply paste icons onto your scripts on your Mac.

You can download an archive of example scripts for EventScripts and EventScripts Mobile. The examples include a small selection of scripts that you might like to try with EventScripts Mobile.

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