Location Helper

Location Helper is an agent which allows you to access the functionality of Core Location from AppleScript.

Location Helper has no interface, and runs in the background waiting for AppleScripts to ask it to do something, just like Apple's own System Events does.

Location Helper makes it easy to find geographic information about the location of a Mac via AppleScript. Location Helper also allows you to look up information from the Google Maps API, and contains all the functionality of JSON Helper to allow you parse and create JSON easily from AppleScript.


Commands & Examples

get location coordinates
Returns the computer’s current geographic coordinates (if available)

get location altitude
Returns the computer’s current altitude (if available)

get location record
Returns a record with all available location information

get location string
Returns a string with all available location information

get distance from coordinates
Get the distance in metres from the current location to any geographic coordinate

reverse geocode location
Returns the Google Maps API information for the current location or, optionally, any location defined by geographic coordinates

geocode address
Returns the Google Maps API information for a location supplied as a string

Download example scripts

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